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Let’s listen to Podcasts

“Knowledge in any form is never a bad thing.”

I feel this has always been in my subconscious only now to become a real focus in my everyday life.

These days I listen to a variety of podcasts dealing with life, health, happiness and of course design. To my surprise I’ve found a bit of the first three topics in all of the design podcasts I’ve listened to lately. 

"But I don’t have time to listen to an ENTIRE podcast” you may say. Here’s what I do: Instead of listening to the latest Nikki Minaj album I’ll throw on a podcast during my commute to and from the office. Substitute school for all the young’uns. It’s been working for me so far.

Ok, on to the podcasts. What I’ve found most interesting from most of the guests is that the best advice hasn’t been about a workflow in photoshop, a CSS hack, or their favorite color pallete. Some of the topics go much deeper. They explore what makes us behave the way we do, how our design decisions affect users, how they’ve dealt with challenges, other people and just plain being a good person. Although learning some tips and tricks from our design rock stars are always appreciated, I sometimes prefer to hear about their outlook on life, lessons they have learned, challenges they have overcome and what led them to how they see the world today. After all they are pretty successful at what they do because they have pushed through some of the same issues you might be facing today. 

Without further ado, below are my top 5 design podcasts and favorite guests from each. I recommend checking out all the episodes even if they are older. Everything they have to say can still be applied today. 

Founders Talk

Founders Talk - Host Adam Stacoviak has awesome one on one conversations with successful founders in our industry. The Matt Mickiewicz interview is one of my favorites. At 14 he was already hustling!


Iterate - You may know hosts Marc Edwards, Seth Clifford and Rene Ritchie from around the design scene. They focus on design, UI/UX, iconography and more. Start off with super designer Louie Mantia, that’s (man-tee-ah).

The Industry

The Industry Radio Show - Adam Stacoviak, Jared Erondu and Drew Wilson host this podcast for The Industry, an awesome independent blog founded by Drew Wilson and Jared Erondu. They are all chock full of goodness. Rogie King made the latest episode a lot of fun to listen to.

Young Guns

Young Guns Show - A podcast about young people that make the web hosted by talented designer Galen Gidman. Although not a young gun per say, Andy Rutledge really made an impact on me with his concept of being a Design Professional. 

Design Pro Show

Design Pro Show - Technically not a podcast but it’s still a really great source of information about being a Design Professional. Host Andy Rutledge says most of what you’ve learned about design professionalism is wrong. He explains why.

So to finish things off, go forth and listen! One of the most important things you can do as a designer is become a part of the community. Tweet, blog, offer advice and listen to podcasts! You never know, something may spark an idea that just might turn into your next great project.